"Conspiracy : Take the crown"

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4Emissary’s Ploy
6Hold the Perimeter
7Hymn of the Wilds
10Sovereign’s Realm
12Weight Advantage
22Recruiter of the Guard
39Archdemon of Paliano
98Spirit of the Hearth
54Grenzo, Havoc Raiser
59Volatile Chimera
65Fang of the Pack
69Regal Behemoth
71Selvala’s Stampede
73Adriana, Captain of the Guard
93Hundred-Handed One
121Show and Tell
137Guul Draz Specter
144Phyrexian Arena
152Burning Wish
161Gratuitous Violence
163Hamletback Goliath
196Wild Pair
201Dragonlair Spider
214Platinum Angel
219Exotic Orchard

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